Australia claims North Pole\12\11\story_11-12-2013_pg4_5

ASL interpreter for Mandela funeral has schizophrenic episode on live TV

House Republicans get off their ass, but only to piss off more people

Australia decides to annul 27 marriages by deeming marriage equality for the LGBTQ community as unconstitutional

Kim Jung Un proves that blood is not thicker than power

Detroit honors separation of church and state.  Sort of.

Water plumes found on Europa, Jupiter’s moon

Pope Francis receives TIME magazines Person of the Year award.  Beating out Bashar Assad

Uruguay to legalize toking, while NJ Gov Christie says you must be joking

George Zimmerman once again walking the streets, free of charges with his fully loaded gun at his side,0,4314773.story

Gitmo zips up on hunger strikes

Illegal holdings of immigrants seeking asylum discovered in El Paso, TX

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