About Us

We are godless Bitches. This does not mean that we are just another group of atheists, however. We are civil rights activists, each doing our part to further gender, racial, and lgbtq equality, specifically pro-humanist causes. We are all critical thinkers with a kick ass sense of humor. Each of us has a special penchant for the visual and performing arts. We are sex positive, promoting safe and consensual sex as a healthy part of any adult relationship. We are interested in creating awareness by encouraging action within the community.

Why do we call ourselves Bitches? History is littered with cultures of people that go through a process of reclamation after a period of oppression, we are doing the same thing with Bitch. Society refers to a Bitch as a woman that doesn’t constantly seek to put herself last, keep her voice quiet and her opinions to herself. A woman that isn’t afraid to stand alone, or band with a group she is passionate about supporting. Why Bitch? Because we can no longer allow the world to vilify women that refuse to know their place. Why Bitch? Because we create our own place.  For the women who stand out, working hard to promote all the things that we stand behind, we honor them with an honorary Bitch title, and spotlight them in our Bitch of the Month promotion.

In creating the podcast and the magazine, we hope to shed light on people and organizations that are helping promote humanism in the world. We are not limited to casting spotlight on only the atheists that are doing great things, nor are we going to ignore our neighbors of faith. However we are going to hold every person or group to the same standard. Anyone using their faith system as a basis for their goodwill, or their lack of faith as a reason to castigate another will not stand out or be seen by us, except to possibly call you out for your bad behavior.

We aren’t here to further any agenda, except that of good will. Nor are we here to give any community an extra push, unless the community happens to embrace all of humanity. We operate under the conclusion that all people are created equal, and will not discriminate against anyone or any group based on gender, race, creed, religion or politics unless you are using your place in any of those positions to promote yourself or oppress another.

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