A-News Reports
A-News Reports
is a fun, unscripted and usually off-the-cuff blend of comedy, atheism and honest (and evidence-based) reporting in both weekly podcast and articles. They offer a variety of topics and guests, and an audience just as varied.

Cults and Closets: Coming out of Chaos
Troy Fitzgerald was raised in a religious cult — the Worldwide Church of God (aka Armstrongism) — as the son of a pastor and is now a secular humanist. He came out as gay later in life after being married to a woman and starting a family, having been in denial of his sexuality due to his religious indoctrination.  He and his ex-wife, who was raised in the same cult and is now also a secular humanist, remain close friends and partners in raising their family.  Cults and Closets: Coming Out of Chaos is his coming out story.”

Minority Atheists of Michigan
Minority Atheists of MI (M.A.M) is a collective of individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures who meet regularly to promote logic, reason and offer support. In addition to discussing current events that impact our lives as Minority Atheists, M.A.M. also serves as solace for individuals who: may be newly out as an Atheist, are struggling because they’re unable to come out as an Atheist, is experiencing isolation from loved ones (due to recent exodus from major religion such as Jehovah’s Witness, Muslim, Mormon etc), or you may feel rejected because others do not understand your path. Being out as an Atheist is NOT a mandate. Join us at our meetups, and receive support-wherever you are in your life.

Secular Safe House
“Coming out of religion as a non-believer or as LGBTQ from a religious background can be a lonely and scary experience.  This is because those who surround us — those we call our “friends” and “family” — often will not accept us for who we are and what we now believe. Far too often we find those who are supposed to be there for us do not actually love us unconditionally and may even kick us to the curb, literally, because we have come to accept our true identity and reality.
Countless numbers of people suffer this kind of rejection and alienation every day and it keeps those who might otherwise come out living in darkness and chaos. That’s why we are creating Secular Safe House — a safe refuge for those coming out of religion, cults or as LGBT from religious backgrounds.”

Trolling with Logic
Trolling with Logic covers issues of science, religion, philosophy and skepticism from a secular perspective. They host fascinating guests like : Michael Shermer, Lawrence Krauss, Dr Massimo Pigliucci, Dr Victor J Stenger, Greydon Square, Tombstone Da Deadman, Jeff Dee and many more. On occasion they do the now trademark “Live PWNage” where they respond to (in)famous creationist documentaries live on the air. This show is a little different than some in that, because they ARE live they actually encourage audience participation in the conversations. You can call in and talk to guests directly and on air or submit your questions through text or IM and the hosts will ask for you.